Dyslexia Testing & Screening

Dyslexia Testing and Screening Services

Since the Barton System would be helpful for any beginning or struggling reader (dyslexia or not), students do not need an official diagnosis to begin Barton lessons, but here are some options for screening, testing, or just checking to see if you are on the right track!

10-minute Barton Student Screen (required)

In order to be successful in the Barton System, students must be able to pass a 10-minute Barton Student Screen that checks auditory memory size and auditory discrimination skills.

Barton Screen: Free

WIST – Word Identification and Spelling Test (optional)

The WIST can check a student’s current reading and spelling skills and can give grade-equivalent and age equivalent scores. This test can be given before, during, or after Barton tutoring.

WIST: $45

Dyslexia Screening (optional)

Karin uses a variety of tests and tasks to screen for dyslexia. Karin will also give the WIST and the Barton Student Screen. This whole screening takes 1 ½ to 2 hours and test results are given within a week.

Screening: $90

Letter with Karin’s opinion, observations, and recommendations: $25

Learn about Dyslexia

Parents are often the first ones to see the signs of dyslexia. Even if teachers are saying that it can’t be dyslexia, please learn more to see for yourself if you are on the right track! You can always dig deeper, but I think these three resources are a great place to start!

  • Read this article by Karin: Good News about Bright Children Who Struggle with Reading and Spelling
  • Read the Warning Signs of Dyslexia sheet
  • Watch all four parts of the free video Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions. Pop some popcorn and get comfortable since it’s about 3 hours. It is very eye-opening and fantastic! When I was a public school teacher, I was blind to dyslexia until I saw this presentation (which I saw live, near Denver). The presentation shares what happened in the science world to change our understanding of dyslexia, and it goes over symptoms, approaches that do not work, what DOES work and more. There are some other helpful videos on the site, as well! Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions part 1 

Official Diagnosis (optional)

For an official diagnosis or to check for more than dyslexia (like processing speed, ADHD, and working memory), find and hire a psychologist who is trained to look for dyslexia. If you are in South Dakota, you can contact RCDC for the names of organizations or psychologists who can test for dyslexia.

Ready For A Screening?

Needing a dyslexia test or screening? RCDC can help put you in touch with the right professional for your needs.