Remember Magic Eye® books? Each page looked like a colorful kaleidoscope image. Hidden within each page was a three-dimensional image or scene. For some, the scenes would pop into view quickly and easily.

For others, like me, seeing the 3-D scene was not an easy task. Intense staring at a Magic Eye® page only brought me eye strain and skepticism: “You’re tricking me! There is no way that there’s a picture of a giraffe on this page!” When much effort was expended to follow the “viewing instructions” and tips from others, I might catch a quick glimpse of the hidden scene. Then I would blink in excitement or move my eyes to take in more of the scene and poof! It was gone.

With practice and experience, seeing the hidden picture becomes easier and easier.

Dyslexia is the “hidden picture”. For some, dyslexia pops into view quickly and easily. For others, like me at first, seeing dyslexia was not an easy task, even as an experienced elementary educator.

With practice and experience, seeing dyslexia becomes easier and easier.

The stories and pictures in this book are from my practice and experience. They are compiled in hopes that dyslexia might be more easily seen and so that after reading this book, more teachers and parents can say, “Now I see it.”