After learning about dyslexia and how to effectively teach reading and spelling, I began to “see” dyslexia and its true character. It is fascinating and amazing. Meeting and working with many people with dyslexia, the strengths, creativity, intelligence and potential began to overshadow the reading and writing struggles.

The stories, pictures, and examples in this book are from my practice and experience with dyslexia. They are compiled in hopes that dyslexia might be more easily seen and understood and so that more teachers and parents can say, “Now I See It!”

This 8.5 x 11 inch, soft cover book will be full of quick stories, examples and pictures of dyslexia to help people “see” dyslexia. It will likely have about 100 pages. My goal is to finish and mail out the finished book no later than 05-05-2020. On the invoice that I will email to you, $4.80 will be added per book, for shipping, handling and tax, for a total book price of $25.00.


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