Dyslexia Tutoring Services

Dyslexia Tutoring Services at RCDC

If you know someone who is a bright thinker, but has a hard time with reading and spelling, please contact us! Specialized lessons using an approach that is multi-sensory, explicit, and systematic can rewire the brain so that reading and spelling no longer have to be a struggle.

The RCDC team offers lessons for adults and children, using the Barton Reading and Spelling System. In order to be effective, students need a minimum of two 50-minute lessons per week.

The Barton Reading and Spelling System trains students in phonemic awareness (the awareness that spoken words are made up of sounds, and that sounds can be added, removed, or changed to make new words), and then brings them through a sequential set of lessons that teach reading and spelling simultaneously and add logic to the reading and spelling of our language.


More About The Barton System Levels

SeeĀ a Barton Lesson Demo

Local Tutoring

If you live in the Black Hills area, we will do our best to find a tutor who lives near you. Some tutors meet at the student’s house, some at the tutor’s house, and some at a coffee shop, restaurant, or library. We will work to find a tutor who is the best match, and then you and the tutor can decide on the best location for tutoring.

Remote Dyslexia Tutoring

Remote tutoring has been a great option for rural students, out-of-state students, or in locations that do not yet have Barton tutors.

Remote tutoring allows for live one-on-one Barton lessons to be given over the computer, using Zoom (like Skype).