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Now You See It: The Heart of Dyslexia is an 8 1/2 x 11, 140 page, soft cover book that helps teachers and parents “see” dyslexia. — After learning about dyslexia, talking with adults with dyslexia, and giving specialized reading and spelling lessons to adults and children with dyslexia for over 12 years now, I had a growing list of examples, stories and pictures of dyslexia. I decided to share the examples, stories, and pictures in a book for two main reasons: 1) As a “scrapbook” of sorts, to record and preserve all the analogies and fascinating examples of dyslexia that had been piling up in my head, my phone, and my filing cabinets. 2) I am a certified elementary educator and was not taught about dyslexia. I taught for almost 20 years before I learned about dyslexia and the kind of reading and spelling instruction that is best. I’ve heard from teachers even with masters and doctorate degrees who were not taught about dyslexia. I want to bust misconceptions and teach the true character of dyslexia to teachers or teachers-in-training.