The Resolute Bookmarks


10 Team Resolute Bookmarks



Before I decided to include the definition of RESOLUTE on the back of the shirts, I made a bookmark to send with the shirts that would remind t-shirt owners of the definition and synonyms of the word RESOLUTE. Well, even with the definition on the back of the shirts, I still loved the bookmark and I had 400 bookmarks printed.

They energize, motivate, and give a feeling of empowerment. They are also a reminder that you belong to an awesome team! They help encourage you to hang in there with determination and purpose, knowing that there is a huge crowd cheering you on. The bookmarks would be great for the fridge, the bedroom mirror, taped to a folder, or as an actual bookmark! 🙂 You definitely will want a bookmark for yourself, but are also great to give to resolute students, teachers, family, dyslexia professionals, or community members.